Expanded PTFE

This top of the range PTFE joint sealant tape belongs also to the group of multi-directionally expanded PTFE sealing materials. Again, a very complex production process ensures equal rigidity in longitudinal and cross direction, resulting in high dimensional stability and extremely low cold flow, combined with excellent malleability and very easy handling.It particularly well suited for use with all pressure sensitive and stress sensitive connections, it also compensates for irregularities and/or damages on the sealing areas.

Expanded PTFE with standard profiling

Expanded PTFE sheet is an extremely compressible material manufactured from 100% virgin PTFE. It is a food approved product and has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making it a popular sealing material in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. The material is commonly converted into gaskets and is a popular option with delicate, worn and damaged flanges as it has a low bolt load requirement. It can also withstand compressive loads of over 40,000 psi without losing any sealing capability.

Expanded PTFE Advantages

  • Superior sealing even at minimum torque loads
  • Effective in high-heat applications
  • Resistance to creep and cold flow
  • Superior blowout and high temperature resistance
  • Capable of sealing damaged flange surfaces
  • Superior reliability performance
  • Highly conformable to achieve incredible tightness

Expanded PTFE Available

  • Expanded PTFE Cut Gasket.
  • Expanded PTFE Round Rope.
  • Thread Seal Tape.
  • Expanded PTFE Sheet.
  • Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant.
  • Aramid / PTFE Aramid / Graphite PTFE Aramid Packing.
  • PTFE Packing
  • PTFE Graphite Packing.
  • (other on request)

Note: Metal selection is usually consistent with piping system.