Metal Jacketed/Heat Exchanger Gasket

Metal Jacketed /Heat Exchanger Gasket consist of soft material filler and a metal cover. The filler material forces metal to deform so that it gives effective sealing. The jacket and filler materials are selected keeping in mind the chemical performance and to optimize the temperature. These gaskets are used in heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks etc

Metal Jacketed/Heat Exchanger Gasket with standard profiling

Standard sizes are made according to EN 1514-4 or ASME B16.21 standards. Non standard sizes are available on request. Outside diameter of metal jacketed gaskets can be up to 4000 mm, thickness of the gasket can be from 2 to 12 mm.

Metal Jacketed/Heat Exchanger Gasket Advantages

  • Available in wide range of materials, Since they are all custom mode. There are few limitation regarding size and Shape
  • Unique Construction provide a stability and ensure trouble free Handling and installation.
  • The Metal Jacketed Provide mechanic Strength to contain the filler and improve the chemical resistance
  • The Metal Jacketed Heat Exchanger