Metal Reinforced Gasket

Metal Reinforced Gaskets are rigid laminated gasket consisting of graphite layers bonded to each face of a solid steel core. Gasket was initially designed to provide a high performance, low seating stress gasket replacement to the traditional metal jacketed and compressed asbestos fiber type gaskets utilized on heat exchange applications.

Metal Reinforced Gasket with standard profiling

Metal reinforced gaskets can be utilized as a part of conventional compressed fiber gasket sheets or in some cases as spiral wound gaskets. But its main usage rests on special type assemblies and due to the laser manufacturing techniques at Goodrich Gasket we offer metal reinforced gasket of any desired shape.Metal reinforced gaskets also finds its usage in restricted or limited space applications, limited bolt load situations in seating the gasket. Goodrich Gasket’s metal reinforced gasket has a narrow cross sectional width putting it into usage for floating head arrangements of heat exchangers, earning the usage as heat exchanger gaskets.